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Human Resources

Without the proper manpower the machinery will never produce the expected quality of products.  AirTech has thus trained a qualified and dedicated staff on all levels of production and installation.

We have a dedicated training division to help channel our employees’ talents in favor of the company’s different functions.

AirTech are always looking for talented and committed engineers and site managers to support our business.

Please send your CV’s to [email protected]

Below is a current profile of the company’s pool of human talent:


Position No of Workers
Engineering & Project Management 5
Store & logistics, Accounts 3
Safety 2
Production Line
a) Fabricators 6
b) Skilled workers 24
Installation Line
a) Supervisors 4
b) Duct Men 30
c) Insulators 30
d) Semi-skilled workers 80


AirTech management is confident that its current manpower is quite sufficient to take up the demands of the market in projects of every caliber in anticipation of the expansion of our projects and capabilities. We currently have made arrangements with different manpower recruitment agencies for conducting immediate recruitments to meet the future demands.